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標題: 7000 CANDLEPOWER [打印本頁]

作者: Christian    時間: 14-8-2008 22:13     標題: 7000 CANDLEPOWER


7000  燭光,可防水100m,98g重,黑色及銀色。
Waterproop 100m/330ft , Super bright single LED with high, low and flash modes.
Quick release brcket, strap - hanger and batteries included.
Tool free fitting, long run time / low battery indicator.
作者: hicks    時間: 15-8-2008 23:59

作者: feilolai    時間: 28-9-2008 00:05

just bought today! very very bright. though a bit $ but still worth.
作者: Christian    時間: 28-9-2008 00:31     標題: 回復 3# feilolai 的帖子

Thanks you for your praised.
作者: piranharowana    時間: 28-9-2008 01:44

i use that too
作者: Christian    時間: 28-9-2008 01:46

作者: piranharowana    時間: 28-9-2008 01:51     標題: 回復 6# Christian 的帖子

cannot, because public holiday ar.......because i work in hotel F & B department
作者: Christian    時間: 28-9-2008 01:57

It's a pity.
作者: piranharowana    時間: 28-9-2008 02:26     標題: 回復 8# Christian 的帖子

so shit!!!!
作者: Christian    時間: 28-9-2008 02:28     標題: 回復 9# piranharowana 的帖子

I hope you will be able to participate in next year's National Day Cycling group.

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